The Family iBoard® is a unique desktop and mobile app that provides the first truly Private and Protected Family Network to share, interact and archive family digital content. Family iBoard® also allows loved ones separated by great distances, such as US military personnel, to always be connected with each other. Family iBoard® has intuitive features and functions designed to specifically enhance family communication and create a family digital safe deposit box through their own “customized” private network. All content is encrypted and only viewable within the Family iBoard®, and only to approved family members. In addition, Cloud Network Storage provides a digital vault for all uploaded content to be securely stored and backed up, guaranteeing that family legacy will never be lost.

Family iBoard® was successfully launched with an array of market specific features such as calendaring, safe photo sharing, recipe and family story creation, and a Lifepath® graphic timeline feature to securely connect extended families and preserve their legacy for generations.

The Cashtie API will be implemented into the Family iBoard and utilized for family product recommendations that can be purchased at retail stores via the Cashtie Barcodes.

To view full details of the Family iBoard®, please visit Additionally, you can also view the Family iBoard promotional video at

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