Have you ever lived with a bunch of people and just been utterly confused by what’s in your fridge? Are there 6 heads of broccoli and you don’t remember if any of them are yours? Is the 2% milk communal or does it belong to a single person? How about the soy milk? Are we all spending equally on communal items? Or is someone underpaying? These are real issues we faced when living together in an apartment last fall, so we decided to make Family Fridge!

What it does

Family Fridge allows you to view/add what items are currently yours, view all items in your "fridge", make shopping lists, and create shopping trips where others can request groceries for you to bring back. A member of the household can create a fridge, and add their roommates to it. From there, all groceries can be easily managed.

How we built it

We started building our app using Java for the backend. Our aim was to make an Android application. We explored a little bit in Android Studio, but were ultimately only able to develop some code in Java to start off the app. We also used Figma to plan out our design and make a functioning prototype. Although we didn't finish our app, we are glad we got started and know what to do from here!

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with an idea was the most challenging. This was everyone's first hackathon, and we were not sure what would constitute a good idea and what would be feasible. We spent almost 5 hours brainstorming on Friday! Finally we came up with Family Fridge. Another challenge was just making the project. We do not have any experience with mobile app development, but we were excited to learn and create something that could help us in real life. We tried to plan as thoroughly as we could, and start working on the Java backend because that was something we knew how to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a solid plan for our app moving forward! This project is definitely something we all want to continue to work on and this hackathon gave us a push to actually start. We also have a good portion of UI design and the code design planned out.

What we learned

For technical skills, we learned how to use Figma, and more about mobile web development. More generally, we learned how to work together in a larger team, and how to plan more efficiently.

What's next for Family Fridge

We hope to continue creating our app. After developing more of the backend, we want to really dive into Android Studio and make our app fully functional. This may take a while because we are all remote currently, but we are excited to continue with our project!

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