Our task for this hackathon was "what would make you want to be a First National Banking customer?" We decided to focus solely on a large market of untapped potential bank consumers: kids. We wanted to both inspire parents to enroll their young consumers and kids to early savings.

What it does

We've built a web application that also runs react-cordova for easy omni-platform deployment. Our application has a parent and child portal. The parent has full access to their child's panel is able to watch and verify their child is making sound financial decisions. The child, on the other hand, has access that changes as they grow. The child portal has the ability to earn trophies and money through chores. It encourages the youth to set goals and fully understand the value of their money. We offer a quick metric for money in the child's account. For example: How many candy bars can I buy? How many footballs? Etc. We hope that by engaging the child and their parents, we can create long-term sustainable growth

How we built it

We built this application with React JS, react-cordova, flask, sqlalchemy, and firebase.

Challenges we ran into

We believe that everything we added was essential to our application, unfortunately the presentation time was quite short at 5 minutes. Code-wise we had very few issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of several of our features. We believe it's important for children to fully understand the concept of money. That's why one of our best features is the ability for the child to see how much their spending power is actually worth. We were also happy with the way our application was able to update every feature on the fly, with no latency experienced by the user!

What we learned

How little sleep a human needs in 48 hours.

What's next for Family First Banking

Bringing it to the big leagues! Contact us for VC offers! ;)

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