Understanding the time we spend apart from our elderly, and how lonely it could get for them if they're not hearing from their loved ones.

What it does

It uses an RSS Feed to inform the elderly about recent events that take place within their immediate and extended Family. The family can post updates on a blog at any time and the elderly will peruse these news on the Alexa at their own convinience.

How we built it

Built with Alexa using a Wordpress Blog for demonstration. I used Python as my hosted language in the developer console and used feedparser to get the rss feed from the blog, and bs4 to parse the html content.

Challenges we ran into

Had some issues adjusting to the Alexa skills platform as it was my first skill, but the learning curve was worth it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a functioning skill and seeing it in action.

What we learned

Alexa Skills are a doorway into AI and it could be explored further with more ideas.

What's next for Family Feed

Hopefully create a platform or product out of it.

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