A bot built with api.ai. Builds a webpage for each user that is added to a team/space on cisco spark so that team members can get to know one another more.

I want team members to know more about each other than just their first name!

I noticed that there is not much personal information on the account page on cisco spark. So my thought was to make a bot that would make a personal webpage for each team member. This is both useful for the team member in general and will allow others to read each others personalized webpages so that they can learn more about team members on the sales team. This is not only limited to the sales team but companies as a whole. This will allow for people to discover specific hobbies that they share with their team members.

In the future I hope that this can turn into a huge cisco spark networking app that will connect people in ways that is not currently being done. We can create specific teams that are based on hobbies that people share and with users permission add them to these teams in close enough areas so that we can let people meet likeminded individuals.

I hope to further train the bot to ask for the social media information of the users so that it can connect users in that way as well.

Please enjoy the demo!
As of right now the website creation is manual. I am working on creating an automation tool to create websites automatically after the user gives us the info to be put on the website. With api.ai this shouldn't be too difficult. *The website that shows is a simpler version of my actual website.

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