How many people do you see each and every day whose name you don’t know? On the way to work...Working out on the treadmill next to you...In the grocery store line...

FamiliarFaces is a way to bridge those lost connections. People who you may never have met – simply because people tend not to go out of their way to meet new people – until now.

FamiliarFaces tracks users by geolocation and finds people who spend a lot of time together – over weeks, months, even years – without knowing each other. Once FamiliarFaces detects that you and another nearby user frequently spend time near each other without having met, the application prompts the user to introduce him/herself through an anonymous chat. Since users are in close proximity when these conversations begin, a simple text conversation can quickly turn into a real-world friendship.

FamiliarFaces maintains your privacy, keeping your identify completely secret until you choose to reveal it yourself. Initial meetings are conducted anonymously through our text messaging service, leaving the user with the option to reveal as much or as little about his or her self.

We use Facebook’s Parse Platform and Graph Search API to create a cross-platform, personalized backend, in conjunction with an (initial) Android front-end offering. We leverage Nexmo’s SMS API to facilitate semi-anonymous conversations that respect users’ privacy.

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