I'm interested in using xR for storytelling. Oculus Story Studio/Fable Labs co-founder Edward Saatchi feels the future lies in interactive characters, rather than plot.

What it does

Familiar will provide a “virtual support companion” for these anxious-making times. More present than an LCD Tamogotchi, Familiar will use Magic Leap’s understanding of your actual environment to exhibiti realistic behaviors as your Familiar explores the space. A Familiar will respond to your proximity, searching for you when you walk away and glowing when you use the controller to interact. Familiar can be as engaged or as unobtrusive as befits your schedule and temperament; your Familiar will never, ever destroy your shoes because you went for a beer with friends after work.

How I built it

Unreal Engine

Challenges I ran into

-- Model an attractive Familiar with locomotion (rolling, walking, slithering?) -- Generate algorithms to animate the Familiar (wandering in circles, exploring the limits of available space) -- Use Magic Leap's environment mapping to contain the movement of the Familiar -- Use Magic Leap's spatial understanding to trigger Familiar behaviors based on proximity: -- -- Make the Familiar lonely when the user is far away -- -- Make the Familiar see eye-contact -- Use Magic Leap controller to interact with Familiar

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Familiar

The scope of this event doesn't allow us to test the balance of investment and obligation that users prefer. It might come down to varying temperaments, like cat people vs dog people.

Built With

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