Famicity was created by Guillaume and Jérôme as they wanted to help Guillaume’s grandfather to share his genealogical researches, but also to preserve the story of the family. We are in the 21st century, and there is still no website dedicated to family legacy.

What it does

Famicity allows you to preserve and enhance your family legacy, from your roots to your future. First, a member can create his family tree (step by step or via a Gedcom import), and invite his family members. Then, the family members will join him on the website and start gathering all the stories, albums or pictures they hold. Every profile on the tree has his own diary and can be enriched by any member of the family. But still, all this content is only shared with the people you let in. Famicity is not just about ancestors. Everyone can write, share, and preserve his own story. The goal is to create, all together, an amazing tool that will be used to keep and transmit a family memories.

How I built it

With a wonderful team of developers, designers and marketers, we used the latest technologies to create a responsive website and great apps for tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android). We built our whole service from scratch, as nothing was coming close to what we wanted, and we were really motivated to deliver the service that genealogists and families deserved.

Challenges I ran into

We are creating something new. The challenge was to imagine a service that would be used easily by every generation, available on every device (PC, MAC, tablets, smartphones), and compatible with genealogy standard (GEDCOM). The second challenge was to gather a team in order to build the whole thing. When the co-founders started this project they were just 2 twenty-years old students... nobody believed they could achieve that huge project, so they worked all by themselves for 6 years straight…

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made it. We finally have a great team, and more and more people are using Famicity. We are now compatible with Gedcom and our biggest family already has 78,000 profiles in its tree. That’s been an amazing journey and we really hope that it’s just the beginning of it. We are also very proud that Famicity is free. We think that every children, no matter his social background, must have a chance to know where he is from, and who his ancestors are. Famicity will be financed by optional features that will also add more interactivity.

What I learned

The most important thing is to listen to your customers or members. The most significant progress was made when we started to talk with families and genealogists. We discovered a world full of opportunities. And today, there are still many things to learn, a lot of work to do, and we are more motivated than ever.

What's next for Famicity

We'll be launching our latest version of Famicity during Rootstech. There are so many things to enhance and preserve for the future generations… Our next short-term goal is to make it even easier and to add new type of contents (documents, videos...) on Famicity.

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