Stay at Home. Join the Economy. Create unforgettable moments.

Problems We Solved

  • Adding unforgettable moments to patients' lives and motivating health professionals.

  • Entertaining people and maintaining mental health during social isolation.

  • Supporting global and local brands in marketing their products & services

  • Motivating & rewarding employees and students during remote working

  • Donation campaigns that provide access to billions without time limit.

  • Financially support talent, artists, influencers and experts to continue enlightening our world.


  • Using virtual tools (video / voice call, voicemail), creating a new reward model with brand new revenue channels to bring public figures, followers, agencies, brands and companies together.

Top 10 Use-Cases

  1. 5 public figures joined the event of the Hospital XYZ in a few seconds. Covid19 patients and health professionals will select their favorite public figures and spend 1-1 moments on Famecycle.

  2. The top 10 replay kings and queens (users who listen to the same song multiple times) on Spotify will meet the singer they listened to through Famecycle.

  3. A beauty salon in Brazil is empty due to quarantine. They organized an event on Famecycle with a Korean Pop Star. The experience is paid to the participants, however 20% of the ticket price will be used in the store after the isolation.

  4. Wells Fargo bank decided to reward employees who work remotely during Covid19 period. Celebrities joined the corporate event. Employees will meet their favorite people on Famecycle.

  5. University College London started online education. To motivate students, the top ten students based on exam results will meet technology leaders on Famecycle.

  6. Influencer Jack increased the reach to his Instagram and TikTok videos by sharing the Famecycle's private access code. The code is valid for 5 minutes and only 10 participants after the live show. Catch the opportunity to meet him!

  7. Stay Home. Order online. Customers who find the lucky numbers in Coca-Cola products, meets public figures on Famecycle.

  8. Stock markets collapsed. Blockchain expert Jack receives one-minute "how-to" questions from 50,000 followers and earns $ 500,000 a year ($10 each) with voice responses on Famecycle.

  9. Laura published a tutorial on Youtube. Now, she performs one-to-one workshop on Famecycle and helps people to cut their housemate's hair in quarantine.

  10. Jack was a speaker at Startup Grind’s online event. At the end of the event, he shared with the audiences his private access code that he created on Famecycle. He provides exclusive Q&A for the audiences. The code is available for 10minutes after the event.

p.s. Brand names are our expectations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • International three-sided marketplace app available in Android and IOS.

  • Ready to launch in 10days.

  • Influencers can make $1Million/year from 50K users without creating new content.

  • It takes five seconds to complete any task in the app.

  • Reputation friendly experience for brands and public figures.

  • Five years of research at University College London and awarded with merit degree.

What's next for Famecycle

  • Moving the mass event industry into VR.
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