This weekend I wanted to educate people about the curse of nuclear waste using a 3D simulation.

What it does

The Curse of Uranium is a 3D/VR simulation documenting tragedies that have been and could be caused by the short-sighted handling of nuclear waste.
As of now I have made 2 case simulations:
Greenland's contamination risk - There are tons of nuclear waste buried under Greenland which runs a risk of leaking once the ice starts melting.
Lake Karachay tragedy - Tons of waste dumped in this lake caused hundreds of people to lose their lives and thousands to suffer. Although the area is now under tons of concrete it will be a long time before its usable again.

What makes this stand out?

Very few people are aware of nuclear waste crisis and this simulation is a step towards making the general public open their eyes and demand for better waste handling.

Tech Stack

Unreal Engine - I used Unreal Engine to make the 3D simualtions and also render the cutscenes.
Blender - All the models have been made during the hackathon period. \n\n

What's next for Curse of Uranium

  • I plan to make simulations of other disasters like Chernobyl, Fukushima etc. if possible.
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