I wanted to try out something new at this year's hackathon, in hope of learning as much as I can. I wanted to explore the magnificent realms of computer science and learn how to create unimaginable feats with technology. The idea of augmented reality came to mind, and to achieve that, I must start with learning Unity, which is the foundation of this project.

What it does

This project is a one-player game. Essentially, the player can move with the WASD keys, and tries to dodge falling cubes (rectangular prisms) that fall from the sky. The program records your score, the distance from the initial position.

How I built it

I had never learned Unity before, and wanted to learn how to implement programs with it. So, I looked at various Unity tutorials to gain as much knowledge as I could about Unity, and used the concepts I had learned to implement this program.

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to do a project around Unity because it was the first step to a bigger, more interesting, more amazing goal: augmented reality. Hence, I wanted to see if I could integrate amazing graphics as a part of this project. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the graphics definitely could be improved upon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned Unity from scratch by myself, and successfully built a program (game) using Unity in a short amount of time. I am proud that I explored the unknowns in the field of computer science to discover the countless amazing possibilities of technology, beyond what I already know.

What I learned

I learned the importance of exploring beyond the knowledge of what I already know, as well as how to use Unity.

What's next for Falling Cubes

I wish to take this project further to successfully implement augmented reality and virtual reality devices and apps, and explore all of the awesome features, possibilities, and meaningful impacts of these technologies.

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