We wanted to make a project that was both useful (no one developed a fall detection app for fitbit yet) and fun to do, while still making use of the hardware of durhack and twilio interface.

What it does

It's an app for the fitbit wristbands that works indipendently from any smartphone app. Once you select a phone number of a relative you'd like to alert in case of a fall, the app works in the background using the accelerometer to detect falls.

How I built it

Using the fitbit developing language which is basically javascript with an user interface built with some kind of html and css. We also used the twilio API for sending sms.

Challenges I ran into

Reliably detect falls was the biggest difficulty. Also the fitbit developing utility is somewhat peculiar which led to some roadblocks in the developing of the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app could actually help someone in real life while beign simple, accessible and good looking.

What I learned

How to better use javascript and the fitbit user interface. How to use twilio.

What's next for FallDet app

Ideally it would be nice to use some machine learning to refine the fall detection algorithm and maybe adding the option to have a "contact list" and send a sms to each contact in there.

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