Our game, Fall, is an introspective exploration game about falling down. Fall is a 3D first-person platformer in which the player possesses her own gravity that follows in her footsteps – providing her a powerful form of wall-walking. Using her abilities to influence gravity, objects, and the environment around her, the player must find a way to navigate through the dream-like world she finds herself in. By design, he game has no score nor lose state.


Note: The game requires a bluetooth gamepad.

  • left analog stick = move,
  • right analog stick = look,
  • left trigger or A button = jump,
  • start button = toggle stereoscopy.

For those who are prone to motion sickness, turning off stereoscopy can help.

The game features two playable levels and one unfinished level. Try to make it to the exit using your gravity bending power.

Known Bugs

  • Opening GearVR menu while in game can cause the game to crash.
  • Touching the GearVR's trackpad can cause the game to render incorrectly.


  • Fall by Alex Dawson
  • FallVR team is Alex Dawson and Alex Mugford.
  • Special thanks to Chris Dawson, Zack Dawson, Michelle Dawson, Jacob Lemelin-Carrier, and Julien Fournier.

Original Vision (unfinished)

The world of Fall is lush with vegetation: the water colour gardens and flora wrapping around in all directions. Walking through the world is reminiscent of an Autumn hiking retreat; connecting with nature and finding out more about one's self. It is our hope that in this virtual world, the player will almost be able to smell the fresh air.

Each level presents the player with puzzles in the form of physical obstacles in the way of their progression. All of the game's puzzles are based around being able to navigate the space the player inhabits.

We know our original vision for the game and its story is too large to be explored during the jam, so we are setting out to explore a self-contained subset of the original idea that will act as a vertical slice proof-of-concept, but also as a hopefully complete short game.

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