This product makes it easy for a salesperson to conduct outbound (video) prospecting. They can login into any of their networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, SalesForce, Twitter via OAuth), select their contacts and then record a video message with a call to action (this can be complete a form, record a video response, a interact with a piece of content, etc). When requesting a video response, the sales person can define specific key words they're interested to hear from the prospect, allowing Falcon Moonshoot to dynamically score the lead and prioritize it for additional followup.

Once the salesperson kicks off the campaign, the prospect is then sent an email or SMS with a link to a personalized landing page. The salesperson receives instant notifications when the prospect completes key actions (opens email, clicks link, visits LP, watches video, etc.) and is able to see detailed reporting of prospect behavior(s) across campaigns and individuals.

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