To connect everyone (customer, small, big business houses) through one platform for their mutual benefits.

What it does

The objective of this project is to create a platform, which brings small business owners and customers together and create a continuous data flow between them for their mutual benefit. Currently all the ad/data platforms mostly target online customers and online activity, we want to bring the customers offline activity online.

Today amid plethora of online buying options, customer still do a lot of offline purchases like daily needs, clothes, medicines etc. Currently there is a lack of one single platform where we store this data. We are trying to solve the same. Apart from providing the platform for customers, we will also provide platform for small business owners to run campaigns / daily, weekly offers. Using the customer purchasing history we will serve them ads based on their behavior and geolocation.

How we built it

There are multiple components in this platform, all built using open source technologies.

  1. UI Component: AngularJS, bootstrap
  2. Rest Server: Dropwizard, Jetty, jersey
  3. OCR Engine: Tesseract
  4. Data Storage: Elastic search
  5. Learning algorithm: Our own
  6. Ad Delivery: Twilio

Challenges we ran into

  1. Create a learning algorithm to predict user behavior.
  2. UI development with very small experience in angular and css.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Learning algorithm of our own( tried to use libraries, later thought of creating our own).

What we learned

  1. What is tesseract?
  2. Twilio Apis to send sms.
  3. Failed attemp at apache mahaout.
  4. Elasticsearch

What's next for Falcon

Keep learning and keep tinkering :)

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