Due to the growing importance of nurturing leads in your funnels, we launched our newest project: FAKTOR21.

What it does

The reason behind FAKTOR21 is the underestimated power of CRM-databases. Artificial intelligence is becoming standard, and therefore we may not ignore this trend. How easy we retarget people & create a proper marketing & sales funnel by using HubSpot or SharpSpring is unbelievable. Together with our team we guide you through the setup and also give training to who ever needs it.

How we built it

By the usage of the CMS system of HubSpot, we were able to create a brand new website which is compliant with all modern standards. A proper header, body and footer which is enforced by the appropriate content.

Challenges we ran into

HubSpot's support is so user-friendly, so our main problems were solved in seconds. We bought a starter template and created an awesome website, see yourself: FAKTOR21

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How fast and easy we were able to set this website up is unreal. In just two weeks we created a modern, but still a simple (which we love) website.

What we learned

As our company is new to HubSpot, we were able to learn and challenge ourselves with all new functionalities that HubSpot provides.

What's next for FAKTOR21

We would like to attract clients who are interested in a new CRM-database. Do not be afraid if you already have a database, because with proper integration tools a CRM-import is accomplished in a week.

Hope to see you soon!

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