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Our patented B2C web client offers a never-before-seen 'covfefe index' designed to standardize a scoring system in order to evaluate the trustworthiness of modern news outlets, disrupting the fintech space. There currently is no standard in objective news evaluation, and thus we saw an opportunity to create a completely un-biased revolutionary RGB blockchain machine learning watercooled big data algorithm using the coveted and up and coming Bing search engine.

What it does

Upon the input of a news article, we provide a global 'covfefe index' of 0 <= x <= 100, where x depicts the unreliability of the index based on a plethora of scores calculated using the Bing Web Search API, and the number of instances of the word "Trump" in the article.

How we built it

We used the python flask library to build our back-end. We then used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build our custom one-of-a-kind web-c.

Challenges we ran into

Installing python libraries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of delivering a trust-worthy API for our custom-designed covfefe index.

What we learned

How to HackWestern.

What's next for The Snews Button

Decide on a name for this (ie. "The Snews Button", "Covfefe Index", "Fake News Calculator") vote here.

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