1. The Problem our Product Will Solve

As the world becomes more globalized, news and media polarize the masses to greater depths with every major event, revolution, or social-impact movement. The grout among the bricks of the world's events is digital media - news articles, rapid-growth posts, videos. The problem with the incredible pace these media spread, nobody fact checks their authenticity, leaving many, especially the people with accessibility needs with the potential to spread harm or fear through misinformation.

The first step is to eliminate Fake News before it wreaks its havoc.

Issues with the Present Approaches:

  • The difficulty of Accessing Information: There are many barriers to finding information on the web for people with disabilities. This reducing the chance for them to do proper research and gain the correct information leaving the vulnerable.

  • A Lack of Fire Power: Current fake news detectors or rating agencies make use of academic scholars with special expertise in their respective areas of study. This means that while you may get a deep analysis of a political piece of media, for example, you won't have this review done quickly, it won't appeal to the average person, and this method is limited by the physical hours fact-checkers can work.

    • Fact-Check Privilege: The fact is, most fact-checking sites are English-language based only. That means primarily U.S., Canada, and the U.K. based, with support only for those English-speaking communities. People who suffer from the wrath of misinformation - whether it be false health advice, targeted propaganda, or plain frauds often do so in countries where English is not spoken, and so don't have the privilege of being able to check the validity of their own media as alerts, in real-time.

We have built FakeCheck to bring the globe world-class, alert-ready and honest fact-checking that is intuitive, and easy for everyone to access and understand, regardless of their background. We also paired our tech with business value in mind, with a value-multiplying insight platform for businesses to better understand their brand image and perceived value to their customers around the world.

We make income for development and growth by serving personalized ads based on users' tastes in the news - something that is incredibly powerful, as well as charging for-profit businesses to gain value-multiplying insight from our platform on how their brands and banners are perceived. **

What is FakeCheck?


We built a crowd-sourced media fake-news detection platform that puts the user and their media first while protecting anonymity to alert the world of fake news before it spreads and causes damage. This platform gives the user options such as alt tags for text-to-speech capabilities and basic design features such as keyboard-only control option to ease the browsing of the site.

We make use of the value and well-thought technology as well as other great companies and the best tech to create a platform that is user-launched, and a true butler to its boss; the user!

Built for Everyone, Contributed to By Anyone.

Our Rating's Process:

Ratings Logic

And our user-flow below:

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How Does it Work?

Our process works as follows:

*1. Users have a piece of media they want to check a rating for or rate itself for fake news.

  1. They go to our site and intuitively paste their link into our engine, which is the most prominent feature on our home-page.
  2. If prior crowd-sourced ratings exist, the user immediately sees our curated and published ratings for that media, based on our users' input and proof.
  3. We prompt the user, if they have the aptitude, to rate the media as well, as long as they have insight that may work in support of the media, or equally, against its truth-fullness, we respect their voice and let them share it. We process their queries and build and internal score we wish to publish.
  4. Once our confidence metrics are met, we update a newly published rating for the media and classify and link it to other similar cases for users to see. We constantly adapt, just like a real business has to, to make use of the effort and insight of the world's user-base to republish.
  5. We alert any watchers, or users who gave ratings of newly published updates by us, so they are constantly in the know, and can rely on being kept in the light instead of the dark, on the news, regardless of where they may come from.
  6. We provide businesses with insight, based on alerts happening around the world related to fake news detection or negative sentiments and classified to their names to show their brand is recognized by users across the world, helping them improve and adapt.*


This Competition, The Challenges, and Our Impact:

Through this competition, we wish to strive for an award because we believe our platform will make use of an incredible software suite based on live alerts to address a worldwide crisis of misinformation - the infodemic!

We have been inspired by the current influx of fake news we see every day around the world to try and do something about it - the challenge comes from just how many people are misinformed and how it negatively affects each and every one of their lives, especially the people with disabilities.

We want to win in these challenges because we want to grow - we hope to use the prizes to help grow this idea to fruition to a point where we are able to make progress using the website's income from advertisement revenue. Something that is so under-implemented among the tech and news society today, this concept has the potential to strike rapid growth in the rating space for media, and help mitigate fake news' wrath altogether, by empowering any individual user to check their media easily.

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