Fake or not?

What it does

Fake or not is a small browser game where you have to determine if an article is a legit or a fake one. Click on the Donald Trump heads (who claimed the invention of the "Fake News!!!" term) or drag the articles on the right or left (yes, the same way as tinder!) to "bet" on the article status.

But be careful. You work for TrumpPressĀ© and you have to do your best to spot fake news. And be careful: don't drop legit articles! You have 3 lives.

Will you finish your work without being fired?

Note: This is still a proof of work, there are around 30 articles and more than 15 (HQ!) sounds from the actual American President. Each 30 minutes articles are refreshed to ensure the longevity of the "gaming" experience.

For the best experience, use your headphones!


What is the best way to create engagement and generate interest? Funny things! Like games :) That's why we made "Fake or not?" : instead of fighting something as big as world disinformation/press censorship, we target the user and try to teach them to spot nor sort - in a funny way - fake news from the huge informational stack. Because the reader is the most important propagation vector of doubtful/unsourced articles, we are targetting in a certain way the biggest threat.

We choose to tackle the Fake News challenge because this world-class issue can directly impact the lives of billions of democracy citizens (so we are concerned too) and because in 2018, this should not be a blocking point anymore.

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