ABSTRACT Who would ever thought it? Spring is finally here yet we cannot enjoy it. We cannot go out and meet our friends either. We have been in our houses for 2 months already and none of us can really tell how longer it will take for us to be free again. All this situation looks so surreal and feels like a weird Sci-fi film.

Before, our lives were full of outside activities and we did not spend much time at home, but the quarantine forced us to change our habits, our routine, our mood and especially how to fill our time. We all know, this is a hard time and that the quarantine feels endless. All this time hangs heavy at home. Even if we have a whole day for ourselves, we often end up doing nothing with it at all.

But perhaps we can do something to change this. We have the power to turn this bitter situation into a chance for us to do the things we love, maybe try something new or just take care of ourselves. To appreciate little things like a cup of coffee, reading an old book or a new one, listening to a different genre of music…

We cannot wait to go back to our old life, but maybe we can do it as better version of ourselves.

What it does

Randhome is an app that randomly generates a simple and easy activity to do during the self-isolation. It will tell what the activity consists of, how much time it will roughly take and give you some suggestions, tips or curious facts about it. Its concept is based on a random activity generation because in this way the people can try and discover new things without having the dilemma of endless choice which stifles their confidence in making decisions, wasting their time.

What impact does it have under a crisis

Randhome is important because the effects of isolation and social distancing can have a significant impact on the mental health and on the general wellbeing of humans. Our application aids the user in rediscovering all those little pleasures that he was neglecting, and to explore new, unknown activities, helping the user fill the void generated by the loneliness and the lack of social interaction.

What is required for the project to be continued and finished

The addition of a developer, to turn the app into a reality. The design and concept work of the app has already been done. New ideas for the application can just be added over time by the design and user experience team.

What value does it bring after the crisis

In our current lives, we are bombarded by Social Media notifications, and we spend most of our time in front of a screen, forgetting to cultivate our interests, neglecting the beauty that surrounds all of us. The strength of Randhome is that it uses technology as a mean to impact real life, reminding the user to not disregard the pleasures he just rediscovered, even after this emergency ends. It effectively uses the screen to make the user disregard the screen and have a healthier attitude towards it.

What's next for RANDHOME

Even after the self-isolation the tool also offers the user a good way to keep the user's mind busy, and take his mind on a simpler, more enjoyable ground, which could be greatly beneficial in helping people struggling with depression.

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