Fake News Predictor based on Ethereum Blockchain

The Idea

Our hack is a fake news predictor based on Ethereum Blockchain. The users can either mark a post (a news article) as fake or genuine. They'll pay a token (bought using Ether) to do so and will be rewarded if their prediction matches the final outcome/result which will be determined based on the ratio of number of genuine to fake votes.

As fake news is a challenging problem which developers still aim to solve, this product is an effort geared towards the same.

The Team

  1. Abhishek Warokar
  2. Ayush Shukla
  3. Manoj

The Product

Truffle init webpack gave us a headstart. It is a webpack project which includes contracts, migrations, tests, and user interface to create an application based on Ethereum Blockchain.

Future Scope / ToDo

We did miss implementing some features beacuse of lack of available time, but we aim to get it completed as soon as possible. Improving the interface is certainly one of the priorities. The branch ab-1 hosts the latest UI.

Technologies Used

  • Truffle
  • TestRPC
  • Web3

Development Environment

  • Ubuntu 16.10 LTS
  • node v8.6.0
  • npm v5.3.0
  • ethereumjs-testrpc v4.1.3
  • truffle v3.4.11

How to run

  1. Open a terminal window and run testrpc
  2. From a different tab run truffle migrate
  3. Then, npm run build
  4. Finally, npm run dev to run the server
  5. Open http://localhost:8080 in your favorite browser
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