So far our story is all about faith, dream, passion, and determination. These are the keys to winning.

Our team story started when we noticed the difficulties that our relatives and a member of our team experienced while finding the bus assigned to them in the presence of a large number of pilgrims.

So we thought we don't we use our programming skills to create a solution that simply does the following: 1- Automates the process of distributing pilgrims into buses. 2- Notifies the pilgrim about the bus/trip details. 3- Validates that each pilgrim is on the right trip by scanning his/her QR code.

In order to make our idea a reality, we did the following: Precoding steps: 1- Started out with brainstorming to choose one of our ideas to invest time on. 2- Picked the most challenging one then moved to the analysis of the idea in terms of business. 3- Built business models.

Steps of getting hands dirty: 1- Designing the application prototypes using 2- Building out champion transportation mobile application using Ionic, PHP, Yii, and MySQL. For the identifier for each pilgrim, we chose QR technology.

Of course, things did not go very smoothly and we had to overcome the following challenges: 1- Understanding the Hajj process; to overcome this we did deep searching (watched videos, downloaded various Hajj apps...etc.). 2- Dealing with new people from different backgrounds and

We have faith. Winning is our goal. But guess what? we already won by as we learned the following: 1- Being open to others’ ideas. 2- Listen before speak. 3- Getting out of the technical box.

There are still many steps to improve more TQR. The first step is to tune it to make sure it has complied with the Hajj process.

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