Good Night Egg is a character nurturing and educational skill for young children. When they say "Goodnight" at bedtime, something happy happens the next morning. This is the perfect content for children who are not willing to go to bed. They will be looking forward to the next morning and will naturally want to get under the covers at night. It's a fun experience to hatch characters from eggs and become friends with the power of their voice. The game also includes a mechanism for saying "good night" and "good morning" to help children learn the importance of morning and evening greetings in a natural way. It might help moms and dads who are having trouble getting their kids to sleep...? We definitely recommend that you use these skills for natural learning for your child, such as the fun of nurturing and the importance of greetings.

What it does

  1. Kids can get friends if they say good night to eggs in night.
  2. Kids can get into the habit of saying "good night" at night and "good morning" in the morning.
  3. It will make your dad or mom happy.
  4. Children can feel the joy of raising creatures.

Meet friends

  1. Choose an egg of your choice at friends' room.
  2. When it's time to go to bed, say good night to your egg in the good night room.
  3. In the morning, take a look at the good night room. Please call your friend's name when you call out to them.

Playing with Friends

  1. There are 18 kinds of friends in total.
  2. Friends have different colors, shapes and voices.
  3. You can listen to the voices of your friends by touching them in your friend's room.

How I built it

We use node.js in AWS lamda and APL for audio, APL for multimodal interface.

Challenges I ran into

We try APL for multimodal interface and simple user interface for kids.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of making good experience with APL for multimodal interface in our game.

What I learned

  • APL for multimodal interface
  • Simple user interface for kids
  • Educational game about sleep

What's next for Good Night Egg

We want to make sure that kids can continue to have a good sleep life after 18 days of playing our game.

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