Navigating the complex setup of career fairs with nothing but a paper map and pages full of notes about companies goals and available positions adds unnecessary stress to a vital part of the job search process. A simpler solution allows users to focus more on the interactions between companies and applicants to help form better connections and find their perfect career fit.

What it does

Our app provides a platform for career fair planners to set up a profile for their event including an interactive map. Companies can set up a profile for each career fair, providing information they want potential applicants to know about their company and listing open job positions. Attendees can set up a profile to access this information about career fairs they are attending and companies they are interested in, as well as provide information about what they are looking for and why they deserve to be considered.

How I built it

FairWay is a web app utilizing React for the front end, backed by MongoDB.

Challenges I ran into

We had no prior experience with any of the technologies we used. HTML/CSS were familiar but not proficient

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

We learned several new technologies and got more comfortable with version control and working as a team.

What's next for FairWay

FairWay has the possibility to be extended beyond career fairs. For example, this app could be used at any event with a similar setup, such as College Fairs or Small Business Fairs. This would require event organizers and participants to have more flexibility with the information they enter into their profiles to include information unique to these other event types.

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