• As university students, we noticed that when the education became online, exams and tests went hard to be monitored by school and unfair. Therefore, we create FairTest, an online testing platform to solve this problem. Our project focus on productivity track and we believe that by providing a more fair and strict testing system will motivate the student to learn more actively online.

What it does

  • FairTest uses facial recognition to verify that the user in the camera is the one to be tested and uses cursor capture to help prevent cheating by getting help from external resources.

How I built it

  • Used Django as a full-stack development framework including user authentication, requests/response interactions, HTML templates rendering, database queries.
  • Integrated the web application with Python facial recognition application.
  • Used JS techniques to perform cursor capture.
  • Used Google cloud platform and VM instance D2 to host the application and DNS to link the IPV4

Challenges I ran into

  • The integration of python facial recognition and the web was a huge challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We successfully implemented the dynamic camera display of facial recognition on the html page with real-time cheating detection.
  • The computer vision feature that is applied to our project is really cool!😎

What I learned

  • Integration of Django and JS.
  • Integration of Python facial recognition application and the web application.

What's next for FairTest

Due to time constraint, we were unable to finish all these tasks below, we will continually update our project in the following days after this hackathon event.🙁

  • Database functionality updates.
  • Smoothier dynamic camera display of facial recognition on the html page.
  • Better-looking layout of html pages.
  • Unfinished deployment of the web to our domain:


Group Member Role(s) Contact Info
Sida Wang Full-Stack Developer
Wei Liu Full-Stack Developer
Deuce Cao Front-end Developer
Charles Zhang Computer Vision Specialist
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