Keep calm, and go dutch.

TL:DR Troubled over bill splitting with your friends after enjoying a good meal? or do you have that one friend who always ‘forget’ to pay for their portion of the meal? FairShare is an application that allows you to scan your receipt, indicate your split options and PayLah! the amount you owe. With FairShare, you’ll never have to worry about splitting the bill again.


Our group was inspired to create FairShare in order to solve a challenge commonly faced by groups, the issue of bill splitting.

With FairShare, users will be able to split their bills into just 3 easy steps:

  1. Scan receipt
  2. Indicate preferred splitting options (Equally or assign dishes individually)
  3. Pay via PayLah! to the friend you owe.

FairShare aims to solve familiar questions such as “What was the total cost of my meal including GST and service charge?” or “Hey, did I pay you for the drinks last night?”

It provides clarity by doing all the accounting from calculation to bill splitting to the tracking of payments. The best part of our app is that it will remind users to make payment if it has not been done yet.

Keep calm, and go dutch.

Team Name: Song Jiayi (697) Gauri Joshi (699) Quek Yong Jian (771)

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