Health equity, diversity and inclusion has come to forefront as a result of the COVID pandemic. Healthcare needs to be reassessed through this lens

What it does

An AI-enabled virtual integrated patient navigation suite to improve diversity, inclusion and equity in cancer clinical trials

How we built it

In Python through semantic simplification models, and NLLB

Challenges we ran into

Limited effort in consolidating medical text and its simplification and inconsistent translational abilities

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our goal and mission Design of multiple objective project that is extremely feasible and easy to implement in a short time

What we learned

Patient comes first. Patient engagement is important. Clinical trials serve as root cause to several healthcare problems - it has a domino effect on medical care

What's next for fAIrplay

Pitch and win. Implement a prototype in PA, collaborate with patient advocates to improve user interface. Expand slowly and organically

Built With

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