Imagine consumers only buying sustainable products from sustainable companies. Consumers have purchasing power and can drive changes. This information is not easily available today to the consumers (if at all). Therefore, we decided to develop the FairFrog App/Platform.

What it does

FairFrog is the first all-in-one app offering users fully personalized and responsible product selection. The App works in 3 simple steps.

1. Set-up personal preferences

The customer can create his/her personal profile based on individual needs and sustainable preferences e.g.

a. Nutrition - nutritional values, allergens, ingredients, lactose, gluten, GMO

b. Lifestyle - vegan, vegetarian, not tested on animals, locally manufactured

c. Sustainability - environment, social and economical

2. Scan the Barcode

3. Result

As a feedback FairFrog gives information on how well the product is matching the individual customer profile. The App will also show alternative suggestions where products from companies having a better match will rank higher.

How does FairFrog work?

How we built it

it's a concept

Challenges we ran into

To understand the complexity of the environment and the specificity of the different markets just in Europe. Another challenge is the lack of standardized information on sustainability, whereas the nutritional information is covered to a sufficient extent in the GS1 database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having brought this idea into a concept as shown here.

What we learned

Even if sustainability information is governed by an EU directive 2014/95/EU as mandatory information (where smaller companies (less than 500 employers) are excused to give this information), this sustainability information is not found in any structured nor standardized way and companies are publishing mainly in their yearly reports in self-made formats. Accessing this information forms a big challenge

What's next for FairFrog

To find a solution getting the sustainability information in a relevant and structured format, and get the app to the consumers.

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