Have you been frustrated waiting in long queue just to get 5 minutes with a recruiter of your dream company or angry seeing people cutting line in front you? Well, I have. During the last Spring Viterbi Career Fair, I planned to meet at least reps from 5 different companies. But because of the constant line cutting and the exhausting long queue, I was only able to talk to 2 reps. This made me wonder, β€œis it worth standing in long lines during career fair?” And when I discussed this issue with my newly met friends in this hackathon, we came up with the solution – FairEasy!

What it does

The system is basically a queuing and notification system that assigns numbers to participants and notify them when they are next in queue. A student gets a QR code when he/she registers with FairEasy. He/she can scan this QR code to be en-queued in a recruiter's list and would be notified when he/she is close to his/her turn.

How we built it

We used PostgreSQL as the backend database and Node.Js as the backend server.The front end is designed using bootstrap and Angular.JS, which transfers information to the backend that generates QR codes using QRcodeJS for the student.For the recruiter, we are using Instascan to scan the QR codes and include them in a list that is stored and updated in the database.

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating QR codes,updating the Queuing system in real time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact the system would help so many of our fellow trojans meet more recruiters in a meaningful way during the career fairs.

What we learned

How we can very easily incorporate QR codes in our application.

What's next for FairEasy

  • Allow students to upload resume and pitch
  • Personalize company recommendations based on student profile
  • Adding comments section for recruiter
  • Replacing QR code with face detection
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