We wanted to work with data, and after tossing around some ideas and losing some time we decided to use taxi and the google API for simplicity.

Our app allows anyone to find the usual, approximately, taxi prices for any given pick-up and drop-off locations.

We studied Pandas to implement some of the data analysis needed in the price prediction, set up a web server and ran a web app with Python Flask, and developed data scrapers for the FINRA data.

There were many difficulties in setting up a Flask app due to some problems without implementation, making some tasks several hours longer.

We successfully developed a web application that makes real and pragmatic use of data provided by FINRA, which may've gone unused or unappreciated otherwise.

We learned how to manage a project with several individuals performing in different and distinct technical roles, as well as became more acquainted with technologies like Flask.

The last thing we think we ought to do with this project is put it up on a public server for public use and make the interface a bit nice, with this niche data which turns out widely useful.

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