A. People who are forced to work at home are described as unhappy. However, I, one of remote-workers, think that it is strange because most of people are originally happy to be at home where his/her treasures are. Once people stay home and work there, being entrepreneurs is normally the adequate way. We think somebody provide them a Mind-set as an entrepreneur. B. People who have Idea and Passion, Skill-set and Mind-set usually can not be an entrepreneur because of lack of Capital / Location / Connection / etc. We need to tackle this real by organizing a supporting organization which also connects to capital supporter / location supporter / connection supporter / etc.

How I built it

How I became a remote-worker and entrepreneur is ; Wife's bad sick ---> Retired my jobs ---> Started a life for curing her among the nature ---> No job opportunities around our new house ---> I had to be a remote-worker ---> Almost all the remote-working jobs should be an entrepreneur

Challenges I ran into

I was not a man of an entrepreneur at all, but I am doing well now after having experienced lots all big walls for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got a wonderful family life and became a CEO of small business in my interesting are(SDGs). Fascinating members are going the same way with me.

What I learned

Every one could do with what he/she wants/has to do.

What's next for Fair and Productive Remote-Working resulting in Entrepreneur

Powerful / Peaceful / Kind work circumstances for each people


A. Many people are in the similar situation of entrepreneur B. Both people in developed countries and developing countries are in the similar situation Establish the “1st supporting organization” to support potential entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs

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