Android prototype version available (see download link below)


November 13th, local crime, board games, video games.

What it does

Makes people share their knowledge of their area and document the area's "weaknesses" or "hacks" via photo.

The photos will be shared publicly, stripped of location information (blurring identifiable signs and landmarks), providing examples of unsafe or crime-attractive locations and situations.

The Berlin Polizei clearly prefers disclosure over obscurity when it comes to showing what to watch out for. I'm all in for demystification.

How I built it

Using what I use for gamedev prototyping: the open source LÖVE 2D game engine.

Challenges I ran into

First I wanted it to contain actual crime data like type of crime, mugshots/phantom drawings of suspects, description. Then I got sick and anxious just summarizing actual police reports and putting them in a list.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Keeping it simple after all.

What I learned

Yet again, I learned to downshift a little more.

What's next for FAHNDR


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