To create a simple interface for individuals to identify subjective and objective sentences.

What it does

The Factogram extension identifies the point of view of the sentence when the sentence is typed in the text box of the extension or when we directly select the sentence and select the extension option on right click. .

How we built it

.We built the server in Flask backend in Python and used Javascript for the chrome extension, while it calls the Python's REST API and checks if the sentence is subjective or objective (on the range of 0-1). We used textblob for Natural Language Processing.

Challenges we ran into

.Some challenges that we ran into are:

  • Issues with Backend and Frontend communication.
  • Background tasks not executing on the extension -Implementation of Ajax.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that we were able to find a way to solve the issues occurred and the final product.

What we learned

Using Natural Language Processor.

What's next for Factogram

At this stage it checks the point of view of a group of sentences as a single sentence, in future we would love to work on Factogram so that it can identify point of view for each individual sentence.

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