Fake news has existed since the dawn of the printing press but in the age of internet and social media, it has found a tremendous application. Manipulation of algorithms of social media and search engines—to reach large audiences and mislead news consumers is a global trend now. Fact-Checker is an attempt to minimize the fake news that enters social media.

What it does

Fact-Checker is an end-to-end client-sever application that acts as a platform between journalist students and people who want to get their news checked before posting on social media platforms. It provides different functionalities to both parties. for general people :

  • Ability to create news information that requires verification.
  • View the feedback and credibility rating provided by the journalist students.

for the journalist students:

  • See active news information and join any project.
  • Rate and comment on any news info.
  • See the number of people are working on a news project.

How we built it

Fact-Checker is a 3 tier application build using the MERN stack. the following technologies were used for the application:

  • React (Client-side Library)
  • Node (web server)
  • Express (http framework)
  • MongoDB (database)
  • mongoose (odm)

Challenges we ran into

  • Time constrain
  • Adding videos as a part of news information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Fully functional end-to-end application with a beautiful UI :)

What we learned

  • Team work
  • Idea pooling

What's next for Fact Checker

  • Adding support for video
  • Building an AI model and train it using the responses from the journalists
  • Scale the application
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