With the recent banning of Donald Trump on Twitter, a common issue in society right now is fake news. It can be very hard for people to distinguish between real and fake news.

What it does

We built a chrome extension that checks the content of a tweet and verifies the accuracy. It uses the twitter API to get the contents of the tweet, hands that off to the Google fact check API. The fact check API returns a JSON with the top results, and we parse through to see the overall consensus of those results in relation to the original tweet. Then, we display a graph in our extension to show the results.

How I built it

We build it using react.js, CSS, javascript, HTML the Twitter API, and finally the Google Fact Check Tools API.

Challenges I ran into

The google fact check API was not as functional as we would have hoped. This meant that it became hard to fact check tweets that were more than a straight forward controversial statement such as "covid is a hoax". The next big problem we faced was security issues with CORS due to making our API calls to Twitter on the front end. We had to eventually set up a server in the back to make these calls for us. Finally, we struggled with time, in the end, to build out the front end of our app after building all the pieces to make it functional.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was Edmund's first hackathon, and we managed to build a pitchable product! We all found this topic really relevant to the current happenings of society and found that the idea would be very powerful for social change if we had a better method of verification between true and false.

What I learned

We learned lots of new skills! We learned processes of product management, developing in react, calling to Twitter & Google's APIs, the ability to adjust the plan for our app when we are under a time crunch.

What's next for Fact Checker

The next steps for Fact Checker are to work out a better method for fact-checking. We think that this could be targeting the key information in a tweet to get better results from the Google Fact Check Tools API, or finding a better algorithm to check the facts.

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