1. "Global AI Innovation Challenge" or "#All for Good competition" by DN Unlimited Open Forum and Alibaba for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (CCMA)
  2. Earlier work by AOEC for CCMA as a Gap analysis SOHO

@@As a background:

The competition questions whether the Mindset, Methods and Metrics along with Solutions and Strategies for mitigating Climate Change "plant success" in a 2-way approach, that where catalysis happens both ways by (1) Mitigation & Adaptation (outer macro world to micro operating climate) and (2) Facilitation (micro operating climate to outer macro world)

To plant success in any solution finding, like divine energy we must focus both on (macro to micro) Subsistence and (micro to macro) Emergence.

@@We find:

The past 5M(s) and 4(s) framework for End to End Quality Management, is fast needing to incorporate subsistence and emergence for Climate Change.

@@Fundamentally, 5M(s) and subsistence:

For the sake of clarity, 5M(s) stand for Manpower, Materials, Machines, Methods and Measurements, where in these times we need to incorporate AI and Machine Learning for CCMA specific Global Field Balancing, Sensitivity & Indicators

@@Engineering wise, 4S(s) and emergence:

For the sake of clarity, 4S(s) stand for Structure, Strategy, Standards, Science, where in these times the Strategy needs to incorporate Sense-unification for CCMA with Self-Incorporation and Social accountability

What it does

The solution designs a Facilitator platform for "organizations / stake-holding entities" to incorporate CCMA, where Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning work with elements of Operating Climate Engineering and Electronic Connects to setup a 2-way macro & micro level solution

The 2-way macro & micro level solution will focus on

  1. Challenge 1 Facilitation for CCMA which for example focuses on 2,3,4 ...
  2. Challenge 2 CCMA for Transportation
  3. Challenge 3 (2...Related) Pollution Control
  4. Challenge 4 (2,3....Related) Healthcare

How we built it

A landing page and platform using Wix, to be developed post the kickoff on October 15th 2020

Work in progress URL:

Challenges we ran into

The 5M(s) and 4S(s) do not explicitly include endeavor for any Subsistence and Emergence like today's CCMA

All organizations and stake-holding entities do not have a facilitation platform to setup a 2-way solution for CCMA

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of our efforts to improve global responsiveness for problem solving and to fight climate change

For Region wise global endeavor URL:



For manufacturing and production URL:

For social welfare URL:

What we learned

Thinking Green is not the only basis for mitigating and adapting for climate change

Conscious Endeavors are needed. Facilitation for CCMA is one of them.

What's next for Facilitation4CCMA

Develop the landing page URL:

Develop the proof of concept implementations using the Alibaba Machine Learning Platform API

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