Check in/roll call takes very long for teachers and administrators. We decided to make an easy to use platform that can be adapted to any sort of application

What it does

Uses dlib to generate a 128D vector of a face to provide accurate and fast matching for faces, sending time data to firebase and getting the data in realtime.

How we built it

Used dlib for python and we (tried) to make an iOS version. The web dashboard uses Firebase web.

Challenges we ran into

Dlib for iOS kept giving symbol errors, server wouldn't run python 3.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works

What we learned

How to use neural networks for face detection and recognition, as well as firebase realtime databases.

What's next for FacialRollCall

Expanding the platform to have more than just a check in/out time, for instance having database keys for certain applications, like start and end times for schools, etc.

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