Problem: We go to different doctors for different diseases on a regular basis. Each doctor gives his own prescription which is to be kept safe and take with us next time again we go to that doctor so that doctor keeps track of the treatment he is doing. Keeping prescription from various doctors safe creates a huge mess which generally results in missing of one or other prescription. Moreover, if a doctor is far away from the house and we want to meet doctor meanwhile when coming from office then we first have to go home to take prescription and all test reports and then go back again to the doctor which results in huge wastage of time.

Moreover,this system also contains a pharmacy section.In this section pharmacists check whether the medicine asked by customer is alloted to him by doctor or not as some medicines can only be given by pharmacy if it is prescribed by doctor by seeing at the prescription.Pharmacists can check it by searching patient with his mobile no and he can see prescription only if OTPA filled by him matches with OTPA sent to customer’s registered mobile no(sent when pharmacists clicked on customer’s profille).

Solution : FaceX provides the solution to the above problem. We are trying to build a platform to be used by the doctor in which whenever a patient comes to the clinic or hospital, his face will be recognized by face recognizer and his all treatment records(or all the prescription) by the particular doctor are shown on doctor’s computer screen,datewise and in a sorted manner. Doctor can check all the previous treatment he provided to the patient and accordingly write new prescription below the existing prescription in the same file on his computer and the record will be saved to the database corresponding to particular face ID so that it can be used next time when the same patient again come to that doctor’s clinic.In case if he want to repeat the previous prescription, he just have to write “Repeated as previous”. Prescription written by doctor can easily be accessed by patient(only for view and not for edit) by login using simple username and password which is allotted to him by hospital.Due to this, patient can see prescription on his mobile,tab or laptop anytime and he not need to carry prescription in the form of paper or save it as scanned document in Google Drive.

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