Both of us are travelers and visiting nice places all over the world. We wanted to create an app that gives the opportunity to leave our marks anywhere without destroying the sight. This way we can see who else have been there and be part of the team picture even if we were there in different points in time. Here we implemented a limited version of Facewall, that creates the wall of the even with the participants’ faces

What it does

The Facewall app is showing you the pictures already taken at the wall. How can you be part of the wall? You need to take picture around the marker.

  • after recognizing the marker
  • the app calculates your relative position
  • removes the background
  • cuts your face
  • posts your picture on the wall

How we built it

React native framework is used for the AR solution and the Cloudinary’s functions for formatting the pictures are built in to the code.

Challenges we ran into

Limitation of existing libraries, privacy issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

a lot.

What's next for Facewall


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