Team: Big MES (Mohammad Awad, Elizabeth Strickler, Shafiq Mohammed)

Project FaceUp - Put yourself in back in your own shoes.

A Hololens application built to store and recognize faces for the cognitively impaired, addressing the painful and confusing situation of memory loss, particularly the recognition of friends and family. Additional features are the ability to submerse (submerge and immerse) the viewer into their own memories to aid in memory and recall ability and impairment recovery.

Value Proposition

Facial Database Creation Ability to take photos and create a database of faces user wants to recognize Facial Recognition Ability to click on faces in view and recall information based on the recognition database Facial Detection and Tracking Continuous scanning to detect any face in view (used for digital makeup, digital costumes, and other game interfaces) Voice Recognition Ability to record audio and create a database of voices the user wants to recognize Body Tracking Whole body tracking for fuller gaming experience including full costumes 360 Memory Immersion

Customer Segment

Cognitive Impairment such as Alzheimer’s and other memory and brain impairments.

Game interfaces such as mystery games Ability to create a game where those not wearing the Hololens can participate in a fun and meaningful way.

Cognitive Impairment such as: Alzheimer’s Brain Damage

Pulls up a visual menu of information or whispers in viewers ear the information including: Name Relationship Age Trains on Other Photos Phase Two Video Screen of Memories Places viewer into 360 memories

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