Adding people on Facebook can be so cumbersome because you have to ask for their username or look them up. We wanted to invent a new way to add people on Facebook that is efficient and fun. So we came up with Face2Book!

What it does

With the Face2Book app, one can use it to snap a selfie of their new friend, and it will automatically pull up their Facebook profile!

How we built it

In the back-end, we used Python and the Facebook Graph API to scrape information on users on Facebook (their name and profile picture using their user id) to obtain data. We then send that data to a Microsoft Azure server that has a Face API for it to train. Then it decides if the picture matches up with your friend, and if it does, it pulls up their Facebook profile!

Challenges we ran into

Getting the data set from Facebook Graph API only gets friends who use the Graph API

What we learned

Facebook scraping, Facebook Graph API, Microsoft Azure

What's next for Face2Book

Add more data!

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