I was sick one day but didn't have medicine at home. Instead of going to pharmacy which is very far away, I wish I could just buy the medicine from my neighbor at the same apartment.

Furthermore, selling items online is still quite troublesome nowadays. After listing the item on craigslist, you have to open your email client and discuss the meeting time and location over emails. And there is a possibility the other party would change their mind the last minute. Through ebay, the shipping can be time consuming and expensive.

Facetrade makes selling quick, social, and secure. Just take a photo of things you don’t need. You don’t even need to set a price.

Buying is just two-clicks. The buyer can accept or reject the offer within 15 seconds. Two parties can call or message each other without exposing their actual phone number. And voice call can be limited to a pre-selected timeframe during the day.

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