In today's world, sales have moved online. Video conferencing and Webinars are becoming a norm for sales calls. But how do we know audiences are actually paying attention? FaceTrack Analytics offers an unique way for sales people to track people's facial expression, provides detailed analytics afterwards to see whether their sales call went well, and it gives quantitative ways for sales people to improve. For example, if the client is getting drowsy or sleepy during the pitch, it could mean that the pitch is too boring; On the other hand, if the client have smiles and is laughing a lot during the pitch, that would be the goal of it. So in the end, we want to turn all the yawning and drowsiness into smiles and laughs.

Following expression algorithm was being programed this weekend at the hackathon.

Smile Laugh Drowsy Sleeping Yawning

This is just a start for the hackathon, more expressions will be programmed in the future (such as shaking head, nodding, getting sad, getting angry) to give salesman a quantitive means to improve their sales pitch and holding the attention of their audience during one on one client meeting as well as webinars.

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