Provide an easy and safe way to combine both online and offline social network Encourage people with different personalities to make new friends in a safe environment Making the online transaction more convenient and secure AR is the next generation technology, this app is easier to be used on different platforms and devices such as AR glasses.

What it does

Identify a person using a camera and showing three options including social media contact, online transfer, and personality tags.

How we built it

UI: Apple ARKit Backend: Swift 4 with Microsoft Cognitive Service Face API

Challenges we ran into

FrontEnd: allocating Object, facing tracking BackEnd: a. How to connect to Microsoft Face API, and implementing uses Swift 4 b. How to use Google drive API to upload local image to cloud

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Achieving all the accepted criteria, and able to do a short demo

What we learned

ARKit, Swift4, Rest APIs

What's next for FaceTag

Connect with more online banking service to achieve face indication and online transaction. Training machine to be able to recognization more people

Built With

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