We were inspired by the positive feedback from the audience, including the developers, on our 3D runner game and decided to go further. This time we decided to refer to the underground culture of megacities, in particular to the culture of the skate. During development, we remembered “Tony hawk pro skater” and similar masterpieces of the game industry.

In the updated version, we were inspired by our victory at the first stage of the hackathon and decided to reach a qualitatively new level worthy of world recognition!

What it does

This is a hybrid racing game with arcade elements where you need to keep balance with your own head! In the update, the game is a mixture of game mechanics - now a level has appeared that uses a completely different approach.

How I built it

Made using scripts and a Reactive module in a pair, in addition, many 3D models and animations were created (using the service).

Challenges I ran into

Challenge was to combine all of his coolest best practices with experience interacting with Instagram auditory. We wanted to create a technically complicated product, beautiful, and involving users as possible.

For the second stage, the challenge was, first of all, the desire to surprise the audience with our creative.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We believe that we managed to combine the coolest things that we can do in one game. We are proud that we managed to balance the game mechanics, make the game interesting and beautiful and the coolest - the game is very dynamic and constantly transforms and it is very addictive! One of our coolest innovations is the dynamic camera, which over time also complicates the game for the player, but also makes it much more interesting.

We are proud that we were able to bring the game to a commercial level - the visual component has been improved; Additional locations and effects were added - now you can get into the dungeon or on the roof of a skyscraper, ride along the helicopter blades!

We are especially proud that we diluted the game with additional interactivity - raising the bonus item (face), the player gets to the bonus level. The bonus level itself is our exclusive creative. The game character begins to ride on the player’s face and bonuses fall from the sky - actively moving your head, you need to catch as many objects as possible over a period of time.

What I learned

In addition to introducing our latest development (following the curves), the most important thing here is to study exactly what the audience needs. We studied all our previous experience in game development and tried to create a product that could potentially cause a “WOW" effect.

In the second stage, we learned to qualitatively refine and rethink shaders (a home-made version of the tun shader was used); optimize a large project in a very compressed source; Well, of course - we learned to surprise the audience even more! Also, the core of the game was rewritten using our unique library for games in spark ar, developed during the hackathon.

What's next for HeadBoard

The next thing we want to implement is a few new levels, additional obstacle characters, underground and above-ground branching levels, a system of achievements and cool special effects!

The plans include writing logic to build an infinitely diverse and maximally branched level, based on a basic constructor from 3D models,

The idea with built-in mini-games should also be developed - we want to come up with a few more such solutions in order to involve the player as much as possible.

Also, we want to rethink the game setting and make the option of playing with a motorcycle in a futuristic city, or a snowboarder in the mountains, etc.

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