With the life-changing power of AI and Computer Vision, we can now easily use features like Face Recognition to leverage our own security in everyday tasks. We have yet to see any applications for browser utilize this feature, so we thought to ourselves why not?

What it does

It acts as an overlay on top of your browser to filter out the pages you don't want other people to access using facial recognition. Imagine some websites that have saved your login credentials, but you don't want your evil friends to see when they borrow your laptop. FaceRek provides a simple yet complete solution such a problem.

How we built it

The utilized the powerful AWS Rekognition API to handle facial recognition and the Google Chrome Extension developer kit to build our app.

Challenges we ran into

Many: setting up AWS to work flawlessly within the Chrome extension; handling the complex flow of authorization; workaround to enable the camera on Chrome extension as it's not natively supported by them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The extension works perfectly under our tests. It even blocks everything from Maps to Drive when we specify "google" as the blocking keyword.

What we learned

Building with AWS and Chrome extension. Teamwork matters. You can sleep 1 hour a day.

What's next for FaceRekExtension

We will release this extension in near future on Chrome Web Store. It may allow multiple users on the same machine; different levels of authorization; recovery password, etc.

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