Whether we like it or not, digital screens have become a large part of lives. Whether we are looking at cooking recipes, facetiming parents, or working out at a gym, we almost always have screens next to us. It could be a phone, a television, or an iPad, but they all consist of screens.

However, the inconvenience of constantly having to hold the screen is always a nagging problem that people face. Because of this, we decided to build a face detector that will allow the screen, or any object, to rotate up to 180 degree motion. This way, as long as the user mantles their item on the machine, they will be able to have a solid view of the screen, so whether they're cooking and reading their recipes, or working out at a gym, they'll be able to have both their hands free to do what they are doing. This way, people could concentrate more on their task at hand rather than worry about being handicapped.

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