When we're in a bad mood, we don't want to see disheartening news.

What it does

The app takes a picture of your face and determines what kind of news articles are appropriate based off of you facial mood.

How we built it

Xamarin was used to build the app for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs were used for the core functionality of the app. We used Microsoft's Emotion API to read facial expressions and determine the persons emotions. We then use Microsoft's Bing Search API to search for news articles. Those news articles were evaluated for a negativity rating using Microsoft's Text Analytics API. Based off the person's emotions, certain news articles may be filtered out. The remaining news articles were are then shown.

Challenges we faced

We faced issues while developing with Xamarin.

What's next for FaceNews

We would like to have functionality that would read facial expressions continuously while someone is reading an article for more in depth analysis.

Built With

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