The FaceMe app brings together the old-fashioned values of face-to-face communication and the new concept of technology. We use an iOS app to bring people together and to encourage "real life" contact with other users. We do this by creating a social media app that centers around people in your direct vicinity. We use location to determine whether the people are eligible for face to face communication, and then we match people based on interests. We don't show the user's picture to promote a non-shallow approach to meeting others. We also offer a random option just in case the user doesn't care. The user is displayed a list of people in the area then they can request a hangout. If both users accept, the app will immediately go to a picture taking screen where the user will take a current picture. This picture will be used as a profile picture for a limited chat in order to encourage the users to meet in person. Because we want this to be a fluid encounter, we provide the users with a list of "unique" conversation starters. Each user is given a code to enter in each other's app in order to earn points. Nothing is better for a scientist than a little bit of forced socialization.

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