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One of our team members struggles to associate faces with names. This is especially awkward when starting a new internship, as a lot of introductions are made at once. We hope that through this app we can make socializing a little less intimidating as we do not need to overcome the barrier of names. People on both ends of the conversation will feel more connected, which in turn fosters stronger communities.

What it does

We integrated with the Slack API and Wix to provide a simple, gamified experience that encourages the user to study their coworkers' names and faces. To encourage active participation amongst groups, we show how users rank based on correctness and time against other members in your community.

How we built it

We used the Wix Code platform as our stack. This enabled us to have both serverless architecture with low setup time. We used the Slack API to query coworkers, get pictures, and other information about our users in relation to their coworkers. For example, the player can select what channels they would like to be quizzed on and participate in a game that draws solely from those channels.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty identifying an open API that would allow us to do all this in the timeframe of the hackathon. We also had difficulty with learning how to use the Wix Code platform. Although it is straightforward and highly customizable, it was limiting at times and encouraged us to utilize creative and innovative workarounds.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team successfully pivoted as we encountered challenges and was able to introduce several innovative workarounds to the issues we encountered. We are also proud of our frontend design, which is simple and directly addresses the issue at hand. We believe our web app could build stronger workplace relationships and communities as a whole.

What we learned

We learned- *Wix Code

*Slack API

*Artboard Studio

*Google Cloud Platform

*Advanced JavaScript

What's next for FaceMatch

In the future, we want to expand beyond the workplace by integrating with Facebook or Twitter APIs to increase the communities we can enhance with our product. We would also like to add more customization so users can be quizzed on more than just names and filter from groups of people that they would like to learn more about. We would also like to add more enhancements to the in-app experience, such as fully integrating the timeout feature we have been developing.

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